Freegle is a grassroots recycling community who come together online to recycle their unwanted goods locally and thus keep landfill to a minimum. It's free to join and no money ever changes hands.

This online network see's limited interaction face to face but online it is a thriving community. My thanks go to all the Freegle members in Waltham Forest and Hackney who've participated in this project and for their shared enthusiasm and support.

This work is published in the first issue of National Geographic 'Green' December 2009 to illustrate Sarah Lonsdale's article on recycling initiatives.

Offered: Garden Parasol and Bosch Strimmer, E17 Offered: VHS Tapes, E11 Offered: Pram, N16 Offered: Cacti , N1
Offered: BIG Projector Screen, E17 Offered: Portable Massage Couch (Broken), E8 Offered: Packets of hair for extentions & weaves, E10 Offered: Office Chair, E4
Offered: Piano, N16   Offered:Pioneer Hifi Speakers, E17   Offered: Piggy Bank, E17   Offered: Cacti in 3ft trough, E11
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